Third trimester prenatal care

It’s the final countdown! During the closing chapter of your pregnancy, your baby is growing faster than ever. We’ll see you and your little one more often at this stage, and focus on helping you prepare for delivery day.

Here are some things you’ll discuss with your care team in the third trimester: 

  • Your baby’s heath and development. Your doctor will give you week-by-week updates and instructions at each visit. 
  • The early signs of labor and what to do if that happens. 
  • Choosing a doctor for your baby. 
  • What to expect in labor and delivery, including pain relief options. 
  • Postpartum care and contraception. 

Your care team will also: 

  • Help sign you up for prenatal classes.* 
  • Make sure your baby is head down and ready for delivery. Or, if you need a cesarean section, we’ll make all those arrangements. 
  • Test for Group B streptococcus, a type of bacteria that can pose some risk at the time of delivery. 
  • Make sure you’ve had your flu shot and pertussis vaccine to protect you and your baby. 
  • Monitor for signs of labor and make sure you’re ready when your baby wants to come out.

 *Classes vary by location. Some classes may require a fee.