Third trimester prenatal care

It’s the final countdown! During the closing chapter of your pregnancy, your baby is growing faster than ever. We’ll see you and your little one more often at this stage, and focus on helping you prepare for delivery day.

Weeks 28 to 31

In addition to reviewing your health and your baby’s development, we’ll talk about the signs of early labor and discuss what to do if that happens. We’ll also make sure you’re signed up for the prenatal classes you want and talk about choosing a doctor for your baby.

32 weeks

At this visit, we’ll talk about what to expect during labor and delivery. We’ll also discuss your options for pain management and go over your birth plan so we can plan to give you the experience you want to have on delivery day. We’ll also talk a little bit about postpartum care and what happens after you give birth.

36 weeks

Your due date is getting closer! At this appointment, we’ll check to make sure your baby is in the birth position (head down) by feeling your belly, doing a pelvic exam, or performing an ultrasound. We’ll also test you for Group B strep, a common bacteria. Plus, we’ll talk about the signs of labor, when you should go to the hospital, and what to expect when you get there.

38 weeks

Your due date is almost here! At this appointment, we’ll check your baby’s movements and review signs of labor. We’ll discuss your Group B strep culture results and may perform a pelvic exam, particularly if you’re showing signs of early labor.

40 weeks

Your baby will be here any day! We’ll check for signs of labor and talk about what would happen if we needed to induce labor. Some babies just need a little help from us to get things going! We’ll also talk in more detail about your care after delivery, so you know what to expect as you recover, and how we’ll help you through.