Your pregnancy: weeks 21 to 24

Your baby

Your baby is still small enough to change position a lot — from head down to feet down, or even sideways. Although it might not feel like it to you, your baby sleeps long hours, about 12 to 14 hours every day. Oh — and that funny, jerking motion you’ve been feeling means your baby has the hiccups.

What’s happening this week?

Your body

Hormones are causing your joints to soften to get ready for childbirth, which means you may be feeling a little clumsy. Just roll with it!

As your baby kicks and stretches more, anything goes. Seeing your baby squirming under your clothes might feel weird, but it’s actually kind of amazing. It’s also a sign that your baby’s development is on track. Think of it as a high five!

If you have leg cramps, heartburn, insomnia, or other discomforts, we have tips for relief. Our best advice? Take it easy when you can. Remember, growing a baby takes a lot of energy.

Your to-do list

  • Sign up for breastfeeding classes.* If nothing comes up in your area, ask us about breastfeeding support — before and after your baby is born — at your next appointment.
  • Remember to stay hydrated. It can help ease — and even prevent — common pregnancy symptoms like constipation, headaches, and fatigue.
  • Make time to connect with your partner. If possible, take a “babymoon” — a weekend away to relax before your new baby comes.
  • Listen to your body. Get extra sleep when you’re tired — you’ve earned it.

*Some classes may require a fee.

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