Understanding heart conditions

Patient getting his blood pressure taken

Frequently treating a wide range of heart conditions means our cardiologists and heart surgeons have diverse experience practicing and perfecting their skills. But they also understand that no 2 hearts are alike. There are many types of heart disease, and different people need different types of care. From initial diagnosis, through treatment, and into recovery, you and your doctor will make decisions about your care together, and you’ll have guidance and support at every step.

Heart attacks

Understand heart attack symptoms and treatment — and what you can do to reduce your risk.

Congestive heart failure

Learn how it’s diagnosed and treated, and how to recognize the symptoms.


More common heart conditions

Everyone’s experience is different, and these are just a few of the conditions our cardiologists and care teams treat. Reach out to your doctor if you have questions about a specific condition or concern. 


Care for the whole you

Having a serious cardiac event or living with a heart condition is hard, and support at Kaiser Permanente extends beyond the cardiology department. Many people experiencing serious health issues also struggle mentally and emotionally. Whether you need tools for self-care or clinical support, we’re here.


We’re here to help