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Practicing mindfulness

Mindfulness helps you focus on the present moment — which can lower stress and improve your overall health. Try the mindfulness activities on this page to help you manage your emotions and feel better.

Guided meditations to help your mind and body 

Feeling stressed, frustrated, or burned out? It might be time for some self-care. Guided meditations from Calm can help you learn how to care for your mind and body.

Learning about mindfulness and your health

Did you know that practicing mindfulness can help relieve anxiety, boost your mood, and improve your focus? Fortunately, it’s simple to get started. Explore the resources below to find ways to add more mindfulness to your daily routine.

Tools and resources for mind and body wellness

At Kaiser Permanente, mind and body wellness goes beyond the doctor’s office. From group health classes to one-on-one coaching, your care team can connect you to a wide range of resources and support.*
Mindfulness for teens

Learn how getting rid of distractions can help you get in touch with yourself.

Wellness Coaching by Phone

Get one-on-one support by phone with a wellness coach.

Health classes and support groups

Join an online or in-person health class or support group.*

Healthy lifestyle programs

Participate in personalized online programs for your health goals. 

Using mindfulness to help with stress

There are plenty of ways to connect nowadays, but that doesn't mean we don't feel lonely sometimes. Loneliness is on the rise for many people. Making meaningful connections with others can help. Even small steps add up to help you feel more connected and less lonely.

Getting help with mental health

If you’re struggling with difficult thoughts or feelings, have a conversation with your doctor. They can help you find the support you need and connect you to the appropriate care. 

If you need help before you can see your doctor, don’t wait. At Kaiser Permanente, many mental health and addiction medicine resources are available without a referral. We'll help you understand your options and connect you to the support you need.

Explore mental health and wellness support near you


*Classes vary by location. Some members may have to pay a fee for certain classes.


Connecting to care

Call us 24/7 and talk with a licensed care clinician about your questions or concerns. Find your local phone number below. 
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Get 24/7 advice 

Talk with a licensed care clinician day or night.


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Email your care team

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Make an appointment

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