Breathe your way to better communication

Woman looking peaceful with eyes closed outside

It’s not always easy to pay attention when you’re talking to others. These steps can help you stay engaged:

1.  Watch your breathing for clues about how you are feeling. Then shift your attention from just watching your breath, to focusing on how you want to be during your conversation.

2. As you breathe in, try to be curious about your own experience and that of the person you’re speaking with. What might arise as the conversation unfolds?

3. As you breathe out, pay attention to your feet and your body. If you’re sitting down, focus on your connection with the chair. Imagine that as the conversation shifts, you stay grounded and stable.

4. Continue to pay attention to your breathing. As you breathe in, focus on feeling curious. As you breathe out, focus on feeling grounded.



This copyrighted information is courtesy of and psychotherapist Elaine Smookler.


Reviewed by Kaiser Permanente Clinical Ambassadors, including Mark Dreskin, MD, Sharon Smith, LPC, and/or David Kane, LCSW. September 2018.

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