Pregnancy after age 35

older pregnant woman

Women 35 and older have healthy babies every day. If you’re over 35, you might worry about increased risks, and it’s true that certain risks go up with age.

It’s more common for older mothers to:

  • Have trouble getting pregnant
  • Have twins or more
  • Develop gestational diabetes or high blood pressure during pregnancy
  • Deliver prematurely
  • Need a cesarean section

Having a baby after age 35 doesn’t mean you’ll have a difficult pregnancy — it just means that we’ll keep a close eye on you and your little one to make sure you’re both doing well.

  • If you have an ongoing condition, we’ll watch it more closely.
  • We might need to change your medications to be more baby-friendly.
  • We’ll recommend prenatal testing for birth defects like Down syndrome, because the risk of certain problems is higher for older mothers.