Audio meditations for health

This collection of audio meditations can help you access your body's natural tendency to repair and heal. Through guided imagery and affirmations, you can use your own mind as a complement to traditional medicine. Listen as often as you'd like for maximum benefit.


Emotional wellness

A meditation for anger and forgiveness

This meditation is designed to help you manage anger, teaching you affirmations that can heal resentment and set the stage for forgiveness.


A meditation for coping with grief

This meditation may help you cope with grief, teaching you affirmations that can make you feel stronger — even as you work through painful emotions.


Meditations for panic attacks and anxiety

These meditations guide you through counting breaths, reciting a mantra, and doing a body scan to help you deal with panic attacks and anxiety.


A meditation to boost your self-confidence

This meditation is designed to help boost your self-confidence, teaching you affirmations to increase resilience, creativity, and performance.


Meditations to help with stress

These meditations are designed to help you reduce stress, teaching you positive affirmations that achieve a state of calm.



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