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All people 16 and older are now eligible

This is a huge step forward in ending the pandemic — but demand is high. Not everyone will be able to make an appointment right away. We’ll add more appointments as our supply increases. We’re committed to helping people get vaccinated as quickly and equitably as possible, based on the supply we get. Choose your region to find a COVID-19 vaccination appointment to help protect yourself, your family, and your community.

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Learn about the COVID-19 vaccine

Find out how the vaccines work, how we know they’re safe, and what we're doing to ensure everyone has access.

I got the COVID-19 vaccine. Now what?

Learn how to stay safe and help protect others after you’ve been vaccinated.

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Kaiser Permanente COVID-19 vaccinations

Here's the latest on vaccine doses
Total doses we've received
How many doses we've received
Total doses we've given
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Totals reflect doses received and given at Kaiser Permanente facilities. Date last updated: 5/6/21 at 11:59 PST. Data updated every 7 days. 

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Will there be a cost for the vaccine?

No. Kaiser Permanente won’t charge its members or employees for the vaccine. Vaccine doses purchased with taxpayer dollars are required by the federal government to be given at no cost. 

Can I get the vaccine outside of Kaiser Permanente?

Yes. You’ll be able to get the vaccine from any facility that has been approved as a COVID-19 vaccine provider by its state department of health. Non–Kaiser Permanente members will also be able to get the vaccine through Kaiser Permanente at no cost. 

We are accessing state immunization registries to update our members’ records with their COVID-19 vaccinations received outside of Kaiser Permanente. However, if you’d like to send us your information directly, you can go online to to email a photo or copy of your vaccination record card to your doctor’s office. Click on the “Attach an image” link at the bottom of the message to add your photo or scanned copy.

How should I prepare for my vaccine appointment?

Dress comfortably in clothing that makes it easy to expose your upper arm. Some clinics may be located outdoors, so dress appropriately for the weather. You can expect to have some waiting time, including an observation period of up to 30 minutes after your vaccination. 

If you’re coming for your second dose, make sure to bring your COVID-19 vaccination card.

Can I choose which vaccine I get?

No. Due to limited supplies, individuals won’t get to choose between the available vaccines. We offer vaccines according to state criteria and as supplies allow.

Will the vaccine require more than one injection?

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines use 2 shots, which are given several weeks apart. For 2-shot vaccines, the same vaccine brand needs to be used for both shots. The first shot primes the immune system, helping it recognize the virus, and the second shot strengthens the immune response. 

COVID-19 vaccines at Kaiser Permanente

Safety and effectiveness

Get fact-based information from medical experts that proves COVID-19 vaccines are safe and

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Equity and accessibility

See how we’re working to make COVID-19 vaccines available to the people and communities that need it most.

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Member stories

Hear from real Kaiser Permanente members and staff about their experience getting the COVID-19 vaccine. 

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