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Shelley Dawn Pickering, MD

Photo of Shelley Dawn Pickering, MD

My specialty:
Family Medicine

My provider affiliation:
Kaiser Permanente provider

I speak: English

My gender: Female


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About me

I am board certified in internal medicine and I am thrilled to work as a hospital-based physician. It has been a privilege to work with a great group of physicians to provide the highest quality of care to our members in the hospital setting. It is gratifying to attend to their needs when they are the sickest and see them get well.


I am a native Californian. I completed my residency at Kaiser Permanente in Orange County. Even though my parents didn't go to college, I knew that I wanted to be a physician from the age of 13. Perseverance is definitely one of my strongest traits. You will notice this as I continually remind you to get your shots, do your labs and do the recommended cancer screening tests. I practice what I preach by exercising every day (yes, every day) and eating my vegetables. I'm a "Diabetes Champion for the American Diabetes Association, and have received the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) award for diabetes care.

About my practice

I am board certified in family medicine, which gives me the expertise to take care of the "whole" you, not just a part of you, as a specialist does. I'm happy to help you navigate through your various medical conditions and visits to your specialty doctors. Sometimes, my patients aren't happy about the news that I give them, whether it's about their prediabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or the need for adding another prescription drug, but they know that I am doing it to take better care of them. Ultimately, my patients know that I have their best interests at heart and that my main concern is for them to live longer, healthier lives.

How I thrive

I love trying new things, from foods and cooking to running and yoga. That is why I feel comfortable in asking you to try, too. Don't be embarrassed or discouraged. You might not be a natural athlete, but maybe we can come up with a type of exercise that will work for you. Try a vegetable that you might not have liked before. Remember, it's a way for YOU to take control and improve your body and spirit.

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My office

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My provider type

Physicians and Surgeons

Medical groups and plans

Southern California Permanente Medical Group

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  • Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)
  • HMO
  • Medi-Cal Managed Care
  • Point-of-Service Plan (POS)
  • Senior Advantage/Medicare Cost
Family Practice Department
18600 S Figueroa St, Gardena, CA 90248

Contact information

  • Advice/Appointments/Cancellations/Information/Messages
  • 1-833-574-2273 (1-833-KP4CARE) (toll free)
  • After-hours advice
  • 1-833-574-2273 (1-833-KP4CARE) (toll free)
  • Appointments/Information
  • 1-800-800-7990 (toll-free TTY for the hearing/speech impaired)

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My training, certifications and licensing

Medical school

Medical College of Wisconsin
Milwaukee , WI

Board certification

Family Medicine

American Board of Family Medicine

Medical training


Family Practice

Kaiser Permanente Medical Offices
Santa Ana , CA


Family Practice

Kaiser Permanente Medical Offices
Santa Ana , CA

Joined Permanente Medical Group


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National Provider Identifier (NPI)

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My hospitals

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