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Mihaela Beloiu, MD

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My department:
Family Medicine

My specialty:
Family Medicine

My provider affiliation:
Kaiser Permanente provider

I speak: English

My gender: Female


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About me

I developed an interest in medicine as a child growing up in Romania, when my mother was in the hospital, and even though I was young, I understood that practicing medicine was my calling. I completed medical school in Bucharest, and then my family and I lived for 9 years in a small German village in Transylvania—15 miles from any medical clinic—where I struggled to provide care to people of all ages. With very little medical equipment, just a stethoscope and a first aid kit, I learned the importance of taking down a good medical history and doing a precise medical exam. Affordable treatment was crucial, and I learned that when I could see patients as friends and give them the chance to unload their sorrows and hurts, the lack of any modern medical equipment became secondary. I did everything I could to tend my patients’ broken hearts as well as their bodies. Eventually my family and I immigrated to the United States. I completed a family practice residency in 2007 and went to work for Scripps Medical Center in Southern California. While working at Scripps, I was grateful to have the opportunity to blend modern medicine with the time-honored values of respect, empathy, and compassion, which I had developed in my home country. I also had the opportunity to further my interests in the areas of minor skin surgery and women's health.

About my practice

At Scripps, I worked part-time in the dermatology clinic, improving diagnostic tools and minor surgery techniques in the fight against melanoma and other skin cancers. Besides taking care of subacute and chronic diseases in an all-age population, I also worked in urgent care and other departments, enriching my experience to treat a variety of conditions. I strive for personalized care with the goal of helping each member reach his or her optimal health.

How I thrive

Outside of medicine, I love gardening and meeting with family and friends. I like to swim, play volleyball, and hike with my 4 children. Going to the beach with my family was one of my favorite pastimes in California, and as a relative newcomer to Portland, I embrace the opportunity to spend more time outdoors in the woods and on the trails. The climate in Portland seems to be close to that of Romania—which brings back fond memories of childhood. I moved to Portland to be closer to my children, whose company invigorates me and gives me strength to perform to the best of my abilities. While living in California I enjoyed volunteering for Flying Samaritan, a medical team that provides patient care in Baja, Mexico.

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Northwest Permanente Physicians and Surgeons, PC

Family Medicine
4855 Sw Western Ave, Beaverton, OR 97005
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My training, certifications & licensing

Medical school

University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila"
Bucharest , Romania

Board certification

Family Medicine

American Board of Family Medicine

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Medical training

Family Medicine

MidMichigan Medical Center - Midland
Midland , MI

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