Fill prescriptions and order refills


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Fill your prescriptions in the way that works best for you.

Fill a prescription for the first time

Visit a pharmacy near you. Bring your Kaiser Permanente ID card and a photo ID.

Refill prescriptions

Get refills through the mail, or pick them up at a pharmacy near you.

Out of refills?

Place your order, and we'll contact your physician to request additional refills. Please allow 2 or more working days to process your order.

Transferring prescriptions

Are you a new member? We'll guide you through a simple process. Once the transfer is completed, you can order refills online.

Covered drugs

Search our online drug formulary for a list of medications covered under your plan.

Prescription coverage

Most plans cover only prescriptions written by a Kaiser Permanente or affiliated practitioner, a practitioner we have referred you to, or a dentist. You'll generally pay full price for all other prescriptions.

Questions? Check your coverage.

Prescription safety

Once you get your prescription, make sure you have the medicine your doctor ordered, understand how to take it, and know its side effects.

Questions? Ask your practitioner or the pharmacist, or check our drug and natural medicines resources.

Reviewed by: Nancy Munoz, March 2015

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