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with finding doctors and locations

How do I search for a doctor, hospital, or other medical facility?

To begin, select the area from the pull-down menu that best describes the geographic region in which you may receive care from Kaiser Permanente. This will narrow your search to doctors and locations near you.

If you have already signed on to using your secure User ID and password, the region in which you are a Kaiser Permanente member will automatically display. To view information for a different geographic area, begin a new search and select another area. 

In the field marked “Hospitals, specialties, doctors' names, or keywords”, enter what you’d like to search for. Then, choose whether you’re looking for doctors or facilities, and select “Search”.

What terms can I enter in the search box?

You can search by a doctor's name, doctor’s specialty, medical facility name, medical facility location, and many other terms that might describe your physician, hospital, medical building, or the type of care you need.

The system will search for terms closely matching the words you entered.

If your search returns zero results, try the following:

  • Make sure you've typed in the word or name correctly.
  • Not sure about the spelling? Type in the first few letters of the word, followed by an asterisk (*). For example, typing in obst* will find locations where obstetricians practice.
  • If you are searching for a doctor, check to see that your doctor is part of the Kaiser Permanente network.
  • Be sure there are no special characters (for example: !$&*).
  • Try broader search terms. For example, instead of "cyst removal" try "surgery."

If you do not find what you are looking for by typing in the search box, try browsing by city, ZIP code, specialty, etc.

How do I narrow my search results?

Your results will list all of the doctors or medical facility locations that match your original search. To narrow your results choose more options, such as city or gender, from the options on the search results page.

How do I find doctors who are accepting new patients?

Using the options on the search results page, you can view a list of primary care physicians in your region who are accepting new patients.

How do I find a doctor or location when I’m away from home?

If you want to search for a doctor or location outside of your member area, simply begin a new search with a new area selected.

For example, if you are planning a vacation to Hawaii and you want to see if there's a Kaiser Permanente medical office near your hotel, begin a new search and choose Hawaii as your search area.

How do I start a new search?

Click on the "Start a new search" link to the left of your results to begin another search
You may also enter a new term in the keyword search box on the locations results page.

How do I choose a doctor to be my primary care physician?

You can find doctors who are accepting new patients by selecting “Primary care physicians accepting new patients” from the doctor search results page, or by narrowing your search results using the “Accepting new patients” option.

Click on a doctor’s name on the search results page. There, you'll find directions on how to select that doctor if he or she is accepting new patients.

You can also contact Member Services to get help choosing your primary care physician.

What do these terms mean?

If you have questions about any of the terms used within directory search, visit the doctors and locations search glossary.

I’m ready to search. Where do I start?

Visit Find care – Search doctors and facilities.