Sex during pregnancy

Sex during a healthy pregnancy is perfectly safe, as long as it’s what your partner wants. If she’s not up to it, explore different ways to be intimate, like kissing, cuddling, or massage. Make it a priority to spend adult time together now, before your baby gets here. It can help keep your relationship strong.

Let’s talk about sex

Great sex starts outside the bedroom. Like good relationships, a good sex life is built on good communication. Asking for what you want — and asking what your partner wants — can help you both get satisfaction.

If your partner is interested, go for it! Communication is key, but here are some practical things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t worry that you’ll hurt the baby. Your partner’s cervix and amniotic sac keep your baby safe.
  • Some women say sex is more intense during pregnancy. Ask your partner to speak up if she wants to take things slow.
  • As her due date approaches, you’ll have to get creative to find a comfortable position. Take advantage of the chance to try something new!

Other ways to show you care

Take time every day to appreciate your partner, and remind one another of the reasons why you’re together. A lot of happy couples do this — it’s a great habit to start now and keep up after your baby gets here.

Be affectionate. Little habits like kisses on the cheek, holding hands, or writing love notes can send big messages of love.

Be understanding. When your partner is tired or uncomfortable, let her know that it’s OK — carrying a baby is hard work!

Be thoughtful. Take out the trash, clean the house, give her a massage, or plan a special date.

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