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Your guide to heart health 


Taking your health to heart

Your heart health matters to us. Through evidence-based treatments and comprehensive care and support, we help many members with heart disease live longer, healthier lives. And our approach to prevention helps others avoid heart disease altogether. At Kaiser Permanente, we work together to achieve healthier outcomes for our members. Learn about our specialty care


Saving more lives through exceptional care

Kaiser Permanente outpaces the nation in reducing deaths from heart disease and stroke.1


Personalized cardiovascular care

Whether you need preventive care or serious treatment, your care team is personally invested in keeping your heart healthy. We’re here to give you what you need — care in your language, support for making heart-healthy lifestyle changes, help understanding your treatment options, and more. When you have questions, just ask. We’ll take time to listen, explain, and guide you.


We're here to help


1Sidney et al., “Comparative Trends in Heart Disease, Stroke, and All-Cause Mortality in the United States and a Large Integrated Healthcare Delivery System,” The American Journal of Medicine, July 2018. Northern California members ages 45 to 64.