Email my doctor FAQs

Why don't I see all of my doctors on the email drop-down list?

You will see a doctor’s name listed only if:

  • He or she has emailing privileges (some part-time doctors do not).
  • He or she is your primary care provider or a doctor you’ve had an appointment with recently.

Can I address an email to more than one doctor?

No, the Email My Doctor feature is for communication between one patient and one doctor. If you want to email more than one doctor, you will need to email them individually.

Why don't I see a reply button after my doctor's message?

It’s not there because the doctor has marked the conversation as complete, which removes the reply button. This is just to let you know that a courtesy response such as “thank you” isn’t needed.

Why is the send button not clickable?

Both the email subject lines and the message area need to be filled in for the send button to be clickable. Leaving either area blank prevents the email from being sent.


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