Broker Compensation Frequently Asked Questions

What is a subscriber?

A subscriber is a member who is eligible for membership on their own behalf and not by virtue of dependent status and for who we have received applicable premiums. Subscribers may enroll as their dependents, their spouse, their children, spouse’s children, including adopted children, and those placed in the family for foster care.

What is a member?

A member is anyone who has Kaiser Permanente coverage.

Why does Kaiser Permanente use different terms such as broker or producer?

We use these terms based on the statutes in different states. However, they do the same work and must meet the same requirements.

Why does Kaiser Permanente work with brokers or producers?

We rely on experts in the market who can provide information about Kaiser Permanente, such as plan design and premium information to prospective members as well as current members. These experts are trained and licensed to advise people in making a plan selection.

Will my premium amount change if I use a broker/producer or a Kaiser Permanente representative (employee)?

No. Your premium amount will not change if you use a broker/producer or a Kaiser Permanente representative.

Does my broker/producer receive monetary payments or other compensation from Kaiser Permanente in connection with my coverage?

Yes. Your broker/producer may receive monetary payments, often called commission, or other compensation from Kaiser Permanente in connection with the purchase of your coverage.

What do the terms “per member per month”, “per member per year” and “per subscriber per year” mean?

These terms relate to how a broker/producer may be paid commission while a member has active coverage. Depending on the jurisdiction in which the member resides, the broker/producer will receive a monthly or annual payment.

What is a bonus?

A bonus is a fixed amount of compensation paid in addition to monthly or annual payments (commission).

Why does Kaiser Permanente offer bonuses?

Kaiser Permanente may offer bonuses to brokers/producers based on performance criteria.