About our coaches


KP's wellness coaches are health educators with expertise in preventive health care and behavior-change counseling.

"I now understand what motivates me....I appreciate that you didn't tell me what to do. There are thousands of books that do that."

The coaching is based on the simple idea that you're more likely to make lifestyle changes if you're the one choosing to make them. Coaches don't tell you what to do. They help you discover what works for you.

Nearly 90 percent of those surveyed about the coaching rated it as very good or excellent. Wellness Coaching Manager Dave Bellamy said the coaching is successful because the coaches work with people wherever they are.

We discuss people’s own goals and work together to identify small steps they can focus on between phone appointments.

Reviewed by: Wendy George, Lisa Zaragoza, and Rashel Sanna, MPH, October 2018

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