Interactive video series about mental health

Many people experience mental health issues like depression, addiction, and anxiety. But it can be difficult to ask for help, or to know where or how to find the right type of guidance. We’re here to shed light on the importance of emotional support, and to help you recognize when you or a loved one may need help. Because no one should have to get through it alone.

Use the Presence of Mind interactive video series to better manage your mental health and well-being and support your friends when they need it most.
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Mental health matters

Learn why mental health matters, including the importance of emotional well-being and how to feel more comfortable talking about it openly. Hear from others about their personal experiences, learn more about the resources available to you, and explore options for self-care.

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Helping others

Learn how to be a better ally by supporting friends, family, and others who may be struggling, and how you can promote a safe and welcoming environment for talking honestly about personal issues. Hear people in the gaming community talk about their experiences, learn what helpful resources are available, and get tips on approaching sensitive topics with others.

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When to get expert help

Learn how to spot when someone may need help, and how to engage with them if you’re concerned about their mental health. Find out how to listen without judgment, share concerns, and recognize the warning signs in someone who needs support from an expert. 

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Understanding addiction

Learn how to recognize when drug or alcohol use is a problem, and how to help someone cope by listening, sharing your concerns, or simply being there. Hear personal stories from people in the gaming community about their experience with addiction ― and what helped them turn things around.

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Healthy gaming vs. gaming overload

Learn about the benefits and appeal of being a gamer, and how to tell if your gaming is becoming an issue. Find out how to help curb an addiction if you’re worried about your or a friend’s gaming habits.

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Improving mental health in the gaming community

Read more about the Presence of Mind initiative, which engages esports players, mental health experts, and influencers in discussions and insights about mental health.

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Understanding mental health

Need guidance? Connect with an emotional support coach, find addiction support, or reach out for an appointment anytime.

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Self-care and wellness apps

Explore a selection of self-care and wellness apps to help you manage stress, sleep better, deal with depression, and more.