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Health coverage plans for employees

Would you like to learn more about the Kaiser Permanente health coverage that is offered by your or your spouse's employer? Or perhaps your employer does not yet offer Kaiser Permanente coverage, but you'd like to learn more about the kind of health coverage plans that Kaiser Permanente offers through employers. You can use kaiserpermanente.org to find answers to your questions about Employer-sponsored health insurance plans.

What Kaiser Permanente can offer you

When it comes to health care, you want a partner who puts you first. At Kaiser Permanente, putting you first means caring for you when you're well, and when you're not. Nourishing your body, mind, and spirit. It's about being heard by a doctor who knows you. And helping you take an active role in your health care. Take a look at some of the ways we can help you feel and be your best.

Learn about our plans

Kaiser Permanente offers a variety of plans for companies that supply health insurance to their employees. The plans are tailored to meet the lifestyle and budget needs of our members. Whether you are looking for a lower monthly premium or a broader range of coverage, our Employer-sponsored plans have something for you.

Primary care physician

It's important our members choose a doctor who they are comfortable with and who can help them meet their individual health care needs. Find out how our members select a personal practitioner.

Health and wellness programs

As a Kaiser Permanente member, you'll discover many programs that help you find your unique path to healthy living.

Through our complementary health programs, members receive discounts and preferred rates on services and health products.

You can work with our online healthy lifestyle programs to create customized action plans that help you meet your personal health goals. These personalized programs can help you lose weight, eat well, manage stress, and quit smoking for good.

Preventive care

Our preventive care includes regular health exams and screenings, such as eye exams and mammograms, to help detect health problems before they become serious, and immunizations that help prevent diseases.

Health information at your fingertips

See our featured health topics to thoroughly research selected health topics, and explore related classes, online discussions, and more. You can research a health condition in our health encyclopedia to help you make decisions about your health. Find detailed information on thousands of drugs, including their side effects and precautions, in our drug encyclopedia.

Getting care and services

Learn everything you need to know about getting care at Kaiser Permanente. You'll find information on making appointments, receiving emergency care, and much more in our section on how to get care.

Convenient locations and services

Our convenient and accessible locations, services, and hours make it easier for our members to get care when they need it.

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to questions you might have about choosing Kaiser Permanente.

Apply for coverage

Find out how you can enroll in our plans.

Please note: Not all plans and services may be offered by your employer.

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