About Me

I'm from the small town of Brookings in South Dakota. It was during my years in college in South Dakota that I developed a fascination with eyes and the intricacy and delicacy associated with eye care. A series of events brought my wife and I to Portland in 2008. We've since fallen in love with our new city. We have a young daughter who has the uncanny ability to brighten even the greyest of Portland winter days.

About my practice

I am specialty trained in glaucoma eye care. I enjoy my work because it gives me the ability to interact longitudinally with patients on a very personal level, yet also allows me to utilize my technical skill though glaucoma surgery. I treat all adult forms of glaucoma, both surgically and medically. Though my focus is on glaucoma, I also treat the full range of eye diseases and am proficient in cataract surgery as well as a broad range of laser procedures. I serve the entire Kaiser Permanente Northwest region, but I work primarily at Clackamas and Salmon Creek in Washington.

How I thrive

I thrive day to day and week to week by creating balance in my life. My job is demanding and when I work, I work hard. When the work is done, however, I take time to do the things I enjoy from hiking and biking to listening to live music to attending Timbers games to exploring the city with my wife and daughter.