About Me

I was born and raised in Louisiana, so I naturally love spicy food, crawfish and jazz. I attended Tulane University, where I obtained a degree in computer science. After college, I was a software engineer for several years during the tech boom, but quickly developed a distaste for cubicles and limited person-to-person interaction. As a child, I always loved medicine, so I started taking night classes in anatomy and physiology. I worked my way to attending medical school at Louisiana State University. I was drawn to otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat surgery) due to the wide variety of patients, pathology and technical skill required of the field.

About my practice

I am a member of the Kaiser Permanente Head and Neck Surgery department, which includes physicians, advanced practice providers and staff. We all share a common commitment to our members by providing patient-centered care and the complete complement of ENT-related services. I strive to engage my patients by first understanding your issues and concerns, then explaining the pathophysiology associated with your diagnosis, and finally discussing the current evidence-based management options. I find that a more informed and educated patient leads to better outcomes and happier patients.

How I thrive

Being a parent of two wonderful children, the lion’s share of my personal time is spent with my family. When I am not devoting my free time to my role as a father, I enjoy technology of all types, reading science fiction and fantasy, playing video games and cooking. My favorite sci-fi book is “Dune” and my favorite television series is “Game of Thrones.” My favorite chef is Jacques Pépin, with chicken ballottine being my favorite dish; however, I also make a mean chicken gumbo. I will conclude with a quote from Leonard Nimoy (Spock), “Live long and prosper!”