About Me

I moved with my wife from Santiago de Compostela, Spain several years ago to continue my training as a physician in United States. I completed my residency in Chicago, Illinois, followed by a subspecialty fellowship in cardiology and cardiac electrophysiology at Indiana University. I started my professional career in academics as the Chief of Cardiac Electrophysiology at University of Wisconsin-Madison until I was offered the opportunity to join Kaiser Permanente Northwest. I was exposed to the practice of healthcare through my father, who is also a physician back in Spain. I decided to follow his steps when I was in high school. There are many things I value as a physician, but I enjoy helping patients with complex cardiac arrhythmias from improving their condition to obtain a cure through procedures such as cardiac ablation.

About my practice

Cardiac arrhythmias can be debilitating and terrifying. It is my main goal to help my patients to understand their condition and decide about different options, from medications to more invasive procedures such as cardiac ablation, which can frequently provide a cure of the arrhythmia, or the implant of cardiac devices such as defibrillators or pacemakers.

How I thrive

I enjoy all of my time spent with my wonderful wife and three boys. We are very happy to be surrounded by the beautiful Pacific Northwest that gives us the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, from the coast to the mountains.