About Me

Hello! I am a psychiatrist in clinical and hospital-based consultation practice at Kaiser Permanente in Downey. I welcome you to come and see me.


I grew up on the East Coast and moved to California right after college. I thought I might leave someday, but thankfully that has changed! I became a doctor because I love working with people to help them live well. I had not planned to become a psychiatrist when I went to medical school. I thought I would become a family doctor or maybe an oncologist instead. In practice, though, I found that psychiatry was the field where I got to know patients the best and help them relate to the sources of wellness and meaning in their lives. It's an honor to do this work.

About my practice

We have a wonderful team of doctors, nurses, therapists, and other health care specialists who all work together to deliver outstanding care to members. I am not just saying this — it's true! Part of the reason I decided to join this group was the exceptional level of cooperation and commitment to outstanding care. We all share responsibility for making sure members get what they need, and then some. I hope you will come and experience this yourself.

How I thrive

I love running, hiking, gardening, and anything to do with language. To me, the key is to do what you love and what you have fun doing. I also love exploring new places and trying new food, usually right here in Los Angeles!