About Me

I grew up in Southern California, and I have always enjoyed a very active and healthy lifestyle. I grew up playing soccer, skiing and spending time at the beach. As a child, it always bothered me so much when I was either injured so I could not play soccer, or I was sick and could not do the things that I so much enjoyed. This is really what drove me into Pediatrics, and I feel honored to be a part of families' lives. Life can be so joyful when we are well and our children are well. I love educating parents and children about maintaining health and preventing illness and injury, so that they can enjoy the thrills that life has to offer. My two daughters have strengthened this drive, as they have taught me first-hand about the pleasures as well as difficulties of parenthood.

About my practice

I strive to have a family-centered practice. Pediatrics is a dynamic field that has such diversity in family structure, cultural background, and personal and ethical priorities. My goal is to help the family as a unit raise each child as a healthy and unique individual. While I focus my practice on evidence-based standards of care for children, I always try to maintain respect for the individuality of each family and each child.

How I thrive

The same joys in life that I had as a child continue to help me thrive today. I love watching my own two daughters grow and embrace life. Whether that be swinging at the park, playing a soccer game, or taking a nice bike ride, my greatest joy is watching them discover and enjoy life. On my own, I love to work in the garden, sew, take a great pilates class, and when I get a chance, get back to the beach for a few days.