About Me

Welcome. I am a neurologist here at Kaiser Permanente Vandever Medical Offices in San Diego. I am currently in my 11th year of practice. One year was spent in private practice in Columbus, Georgia of all places. But as I regained my sanity, I made it back west to the comfortable confines of Southern California. I feel fortunate to be able to practice my chosen field in such an environment. Not mentioned above is that I do practice one day a week in our Vista offices to better serve the North County members. I hope the following information is useful to you.


I am originally from Orange County, California. Since high school I was determined to become a doctor, mostly because my mom joked that I would be the first doctor to become president and I had to prove her half right. I am the husband of one and father of three. Teenagers all (except my wife). Work and the kids keep me busy. Following their sports keeps my happy. Almost fully retired from competitive sports myself, I still manage to play tennis with my daughter, as well as play catch with one my sons and shoot hoops with the other.

About my practice

I am fellowship trained in the neuromuscular diseases such as neuropathies, myopathies, and neuromuscular junction problems. I perform 6 to 8 nerve conduction studies and/or electromyograms per day in pursuit of the diagnosis of such entities. I also enjoy stroke neurology when my hospital call comes around. I do my best to get a good story from the patient and order the appropriate tests all in an effort to obtain, in a timely fashion, the most accurate diagnosis possible.

How I thrive

Part of my ability to thrive comes from the exercise I do after work, also in part, I believe, from my ability, on good days, to connect with patients. On the back of an appointment calendar that I used years ago was the saying "Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive." Thus, I do my best, when appropriate, to keep my day lighthearted.