About Me

I'm from a small town in the mountains of western Montana. I have a deep love for the outdoors and spend as much time as I can with outdoor activities like hiking and fly fishing. I enjoy connecting with people on a personal level and helping them solve problems through logical approaches. This is what makes practicing eye care so much fun. My undergraduate studies in mathematics were preparing me for a graduate degree in engineering, but after a summer internship working in a cubical, I realized I have an intrinsic need to work with people. I find the most satisfaction in working through challenging cases. My wife and two girls enjoy our home in Vancouver, Washington.

About my practice

Eye care is a fascinating field of study. The practice of helping people with their sight is very rewarding. I try and see every patient as an individual with unique visual needs and challenges. This approach keeps me looking forward to coming to work each day, wondering who I can help next. I take pride in taking time with all patients, from age 3 to 103, to understand their needs and concerns and give them the best possible care.

How I thrive