About Me

When I was a child growing up in Colorado, I loved my pediatrician. I would leave his office proclaiming my intent to be a doctor. I never wavered from this decision and found medicine to be a wonderful mix of science and humanity. Originally thinking I would be a pediatrician, I found I loved the direct involvement of surgery while in medical school. After my surgical training, I spent six fascinating years practicing surgery on the Navajo Indian Reservation in New Mexico. I married a longtime friend who works in international health and moved to Atlanta in 1999. We adopted two wonderful sisters from Ethiopia in 2005 and now much of our lives outside of medicine are devoted to our family.

About my practice

After many years practicing general surgery, I have limited my practice in recent years to the diagnosis and management of breast diseases. This focus gives me the opportunity to refine and expand my skills as well as develop a much deeper understanding of breast disease, especially breast cancer. It is very challenging and rewarding to work with women facing breast cancer and help women with benign breast conditions.Breast disease is a very active area of research and new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are constantly being developed. I work as part of a team of doctors and nurses to provide high-quality care for women with breast concerns. We aim to see patients with breast concerns expeditiously. When a problem is indicated, we try to do a biopsy during the first visit to get results quickly and relieve the anxiety associated with an undiagnosed breast problem. We offer both ultrasound guided and stereotactic breast biopsies in an office setting for efficient analysis of most breast conditions. Our nurses are readily available to answer questions, assist with scheduling and provide support to our patients.

How I thrive

I am a strong believer in activity as a source of physical and mental health. I run for exercise three or four times a week. I have the great privilege of living near Piedmont Park, where I am able to run without the distraction of traffic. Running gives me time to reflect and is often when I come up with my best ideas or solutions to problems.Being active with my family is another great joy. We enjoy biking, swimming, skiing and sea kayaking. I am a fanatic about healthy food and love to visit local farmers’ markets for cooking inspiration. I pride myself in cooking tasty, healthy food that my kids actually like.