About Me

I grew up, and was initially educated in South Africa, prior to moving to the United States as a young adult. I have a Master's degree in Criminology from the University of Pretoria, and a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Lewis & Clark College. I love the Northwest, especially the outdoors and the weather. My dogs, cats, horses and llamas make life worth while, and my garden makes for sweet smells and nourishing foods.

About my practice

I am a team member or Emergency Psychiatric Services (EPS). We provide crisis intervention on the phone, as well as face to face intervention in the Emergency Department. Together we work to provide services for our members in crisis, or those in need of referrals and/or support within the mental health system. I love my job, our amazing team, and to help make a difference for our members during challenging experiences or times.

How I thrive

I have an active outdoorsy life when not at work. I love to work in the garden, the pasture, to ride my horses and spend time with my llamas. My dogs are my companions in the house, the garden, and sometimes on trips, and the cats think I serve them. I enjoy traveling, both locally and internationally, and especially to sample the foods and chocolates. Overall National Public Radio keeps me updated on local events and the news, and makes my commute shorter. Life is good!