About Me

I am a native Georgian, and I grew up in a large family where we only visited the doctor or dentist as a last recourse. Medicine became an interest of mine as a young child watching cowboy movies and medical shows. I was always fascinated when they showed bullets and arrows being removed from the cowboys.My interest in medicine grew when I participated in a summer internship program at Grady Memorial Hospital. I was assigned to the department of anesthesia, and we were allowed to observe surgeries. The first time I put on scrubs, an almost surreal feeling of jubilation came over me. I knew that I wanted to be in the medical field.After medical school, I completed my residency in pediatrics. I chose pediatrics because it is incredibly rewarding to watch a baby grow into a productive and healthy adult.

About my practice

As a pediatrician at the Panola Medical Center, I try to engage patients and their families in their care. Parents are encouraged to be proactive in learning to care for their child with chronic illnesses. I feel that knowledge is power and if parents and the patient begin to understand their illness, they will be more successful in controlling or eradicating the illness.

How I thrive

Family is an important part of my life. My immediate family consists of three wonderful sons and my husband of 28 years. In the past two years, I have been privileged to have my mother as a part of my household.I participate in activities with my church and sorority where I give my time and talents to help others. My religion is important to me because it helps to keep me grounded when the world around me starts to fall apart.I enjoy reading and most sports. I especially enjoy watching college and professional football and attending Atlanta Falcons games. Attempting to grow patio tomatoes is a hobby of mine since I do not have the space to grow a garden. Growing vegetables in a pot is much more difficult than using the earth!