About Me

Welcome to my Web page, and thank you for taking some time to learn more about my practice.


I was born in China. After finishing a Ph.D. degree in neurosciences at Rockefeller University, I went to Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons for my medical education. I completed my internship, residency, and fellowship in neuroradiology at Columbia University Medical Center. I thought that I would live my entire life in New York until I came to UCLA for a one-year fellowship in interventional neuroradiology in 2004. The sunshine, ocean, mountains, nice people, and ethnic diversity in Southern California, along with the working environment at Kaiser Permanente were just irresistible.

About my practice

We have one of the busiest neurointerventional services in Southern California. We coil aneurysms, dissolve blood clot in brain vessels, perform angioplasties, block blood supply to brain tumors, and treat various types of vascular lesions in the head and neck. We also interpret brain scans, perform minimally invasive procedures, see members in the clinic, and manage member care in the hospital. We like teamwork. We meet regularly with neurosurgeons, neurologists, and vascular surgeons to find the best treatment option for our members.

How I thrive

I love children. Playing with my three boys always makes me feel young again. The smiles on their faces can easily erase any fatigue or frustration I get from long hours at work. People think doctors are busy, but I'm not the busiest person in my family; my wife is. She is nanny, cook, chauffeur, teacher, and cheerleader for my three boys, and also volunteers at the school district. I am fortunate to have this wonderful family, which keeps my spirit high, my mind in peace, and my body in harmony. Exercise is the key to health. Chasing three little boys on trails, beaches, and ski slopes certainly helps as well.