About Me

I lived in California for twenty years, attending University of California, Berkeley and University of California, San Francisco for my undergraduate, graduate, and medical training. I completed a residency in Internal Medicine at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, California and continued working as part of the Permanente Group upon finishing residency. My daughter's move to Portland following her college graduation brought us to Oregon. I am enjoying discovering our new home.

About my practice

My goal as a physician is to provide excellent integrated care for a diverse population, and Kaiser Permanente has allowed me to practice in this way. I believe that health resides in our hands, that each decision we make during our day determines how healthy we are.

How I thrive

I believe firmly in daily physical exercise, whether this means a long walk, swim, or bike ride. I love learning new things, and do so by taking dance classes and playing the guitar. Portland is the perfect place to explore by foot and bike and I am enjoying discovering new places. My husband and I enjoy bike touring along the West Coast. I also love to read, so Powell's is like my second-home.