About Me

Hello! I primarily focus on treating adults as my training is in internal medicine and palliative medicine. Thank you for getting to know me. I look forward to meeting you and your family.


I am a Southern California native who had a very unique medical career that has given me the opportunity to train in several states such as Arizona, New York, Michigan, and Texas. My medical training has given me a solid exposure to a wide range of disease states and health disorders and taught me how treat patients in diverse, high-volume settings. With each new city, I have learned more about myself as a person and also immersed myself in the local community to develop skills such as adapting to new settings, people, and situations to fully embrace the ever-changing face of medicine.

About my practice

As a physician and beneficiary of palliative and hospice medicine, I see the tremendous benefit palliative care can provide our community. My goal is to be a committed partner with you and your family not only to understand one’s health but also to improve and focus on one’s quality of life in a safe environment. It is a privilege to be part of your care.

How I thrive

Work-life balance is important to me. I love spending quality time with family and friends whenever I can. I always enjoy time at the beach, hiking, or further exploring my skills in the cooking realm. I also love exploring the local food scene. The goal is to never stop learning.