About Me

As the child of a U.S. Navy serviceman, I had the opportunity to live in various states and two different countries. This opportunity provided me with many wonderful childhood memories, such as ice skating and playing in the snow while living in Maine for five years, visiting Asian temples and celebrating the Chinese New Year while living in Taiwan and going to Mardi Gras while living in New Orleans.My interest in medicine was inspired by my father who was a Navy medic and served for 30 years. For Christmas, I would receive toy medical bags and dolls dressed as nurses. There were many times when I would accompany my father to work and would be allowed to observe him in the dispensary and the lab. While growing up, I would often look through his parasitology and microbiology books, intrigued by what I saw. It is through him that I had these experiences, which propelled my desire to become a physician, as well as why I love and continue to practice medicine.

About my practice

As a family medicine doctor, I am trained to see everyone from the "womb to the tomb." My focus now is in the ambulatory medicine setting where I primarily see adults. This has been a rewarding experience for me because I get to sit down and listen to our members, examine them and help them make decisions regarding their medical care. Furthermore, I am supported by excellent colleagues and caring support staff members who assist at a moment's notice. I am proud to be part of an organization that truly knows the meaning of integrity, selfless service, excellence and quality of care.

How I thrive

I am of the belief that while life is not always easy, it is beautiful. I thrive by attending church services and spending time with my immediate and extended family. I also exercise on a regular basis, which includes running and swimming, when the opportunity permits. I love reading books, especially historical fiction and novels that involve religious themes.