About Me

Born in Columbus, Ohio, I am now happy to call Portland my home. Being interested in math and science, I attended Virginia Tech, where I received a degree in electrical engineering. While volunteering at a local clinic in Virginia, I found my calling: serving others by providing exceptional medical care. I attended medical school at The Ohio State University, where I was drawn to orthopedic surgery – a field that incorporates biomechanics and hands-on medicine in an effort to improve patients’ quality of life. I completed an orthopedic residency at Boston University and Boston Medical Center, followed by additional specialty training in shoulder and elbow surgery at Washington University in St. Louis. I strive to incorporate patient care and innovation with anatomical knowledge and hands-on medicine.

About my practice

I am trained as an orthopedic surgeon with a focus on shoulder and elbow surgery. My practice involves both non-operative and operative care of all shoulder and elbow ailments including rotator cuff tears, upper extremity fractures, shoulder and elbow arthritis, and shoulder dislocations from sporting injuries, work injuries, or gradual “wear and tear.” I am trained in the latest arthroscopic techniques as well as joint replacement surgery for both the shoulder and elbow. I enjoy educating patients about their treatment options – and empowering them to play an active role in the care they receive. I believe that all patients deserve individualized treatment plans that offer them the best chance of recovery, and I am glad to work for an organization that embraces this philosophy.

How I thrive

Outside of work, spending time with my loving wife and young son re-energizes me. My family and I like exploring the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, and I enjoy hiking, skiing, biking, golf, and basketball. I’m a sucker for a good book, and I always have a home or garden project in the works.