About Me

Hello, and welcome to my Web page! My name is Dr. Neil Paterson. I hope this brief biography will serve to introduce myself to my new patients.


Originally from Scotland, I moved to Southern California for a work opportunity and quickly grew to love the weather, the natural environment, and the great mix of people, languages, and cultures. My family life is my biggest priority, and I love to spend time watching sports, biking and going on family vacations.

About my practice

Being a psychiatrist comes with many great opportunities and challenges. I have always felt that psychiatry is a special branch of medicine, because our minds and our brains are how we experience the world and our lives. So as part of a large and growing department, I have the opportunity to really make positive changes by working with my patients to help them achieve their goals.

How I thrive

Staying well is all about balance. One of the reasons I chose psychiatry is because it allows a good balance of life and work, and it's impossible to help our patients if we, as doctors, are not taking care of ourselves. So in addition to rewarding work, I like to make sure I am exercising, eating well, and spending time with the people I love.