About Me

Hello, and welcome to my Web page. My specialty is genetics. Genetic medicine serves all ages as well as pregnant women and their unborn children, and is focused mainly on common inherited diseases, birth defects, and cancer. All disorders are basically under the influence of genetics, but only some are considered strictly inherited. I see all age groups for consultation and diagnosis, but only children for long-term care, in conjunction with the child’s personal physician.


I was born and raised in Michigan, but the winters were too cold for me. After graduation from medical school, I looked for a warm, sunny location and have been in Southern California ever since. My husband came from North Dakota, also looking for a warm climate, and met me. We have two children currently in college. I joined Kaiser Permanente as a pediatrician, and gradually the genetic part of the practice grew to the point where I no longer had a primary care practice. I was drawn to medicine because I like to work with people and help them to have better, healthier lives. Before joining Kaiser Permanente, I briefly worked on health projects in Appalachia and with Project Hope in Jamaica.

About my practice

Our Genetics Department in Anaheim is a team of people who work closely together. There are four certified genetic counselors, two of whom are fluent in Spanish. The genetic counselors work with prenatal and genetic cancer patients. All cases evaluated in our Department are reviewed by me. Our department secretary is the first person most patients meet on the phone to set up a consultation. We work with obstetrics specialists to coordinate our Prenatal Diagnosis Center. We strive to create a visit and atmosphere where the member and their family feel comfortable asking all questions. We help the patient to be an active partner in dealing with his or her genetic disorder.

How I thrive

I enjoy gardening and raising natural fruits and vegetables, the abundance of which I pass out to the staff at work. My family is an important part of my life and a great deal of my available time is spent with them.