About Me

I am originally from the Santa Barbara area of California. After a couple of years in Florida during high school, I moved to British Columbia, Canada. There I started my career as a carpenter. I met my wife while living in Victoria, BC, and from there moved to the interior of the province. At age 30, I went back to school and completed a Bachelor of Nursing Science degree. My family and I then moved to Oregon in 2005 where I worked as RN for several years. I had a growing interest in anesthesia because I enjoy being able to take care of people, both in the physical and emotional realms. I went back to school again and completed a master's degree in Nurse Anesthesia. I have been working for Kaiser Permanente as a nurse anesthestist since December 2010 and have been loving life ever since.

About my practice

Anesthesia is a wonderful area of medicine. It allows me to entrench myself in the medical sciences while caring for people during one of the most vulnerable times of their lives. My philosophy is to try and make every patient feel cared for by someone who is professionally and clinically strong, yet empathetic to individual needs, fears, and desires.

How I thrive

I thrive by loving my wife and kids, my family, friends, and myself. I enjoy playing music with my kids, riding bikes with my friends, and surfing whenever I can. I work as well, and I do enjoy my job very much.