About Me

Hello. Welcome to my Web page. I’d like to share some information about myself with you.


I was born in Los Angeles and raised in Long Beach. I went to college at CSU Long Beach, where I graduated with a bachelor's degree in business finance. After that, I began working at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. I was in charge of employee benefits and stayed there for five years. One day, I looked at my bookshelf and realized almost all of the books I had were about sports medicine, exercise, and health. I realized I was pursuing the wrong career and went back to school to complete the requirements for medical school. Once I completed my medical training, I started to work at Kaiser Permanente.

About my practice

I’ve been a Kaiser Permanente member since I was a young boy, and after my experience working in employee benefits, there was never any doubt in my mind that I would work anywhere else. I work with one philosophy in mind—treat every member as if I they were a member of my own family. Because of that, I feel proud of the work that I do—and I hope every one of my members feels that they’re receiving the best care.

How I thrive

I stay well by exercising every morning, kayaking, and bike riding. I relax by growing exotic fruit trees and taking care of my dog, chickens, goats, turtles, tortoises, and horse.