About Me

Ever since I was a child I desired a career in medicine. I grew up all over the U.S. but have lived in Colorado since 1990. I have been honored to be recognized as a 5280 Magazine Top Doctor several times, including in 2019.

About my practice

I am here for you -- no other reason. I have access to the latest state-of-the-art tools to provide you the best outcome possible. Although my practice is defined as vascular surgery, I take extra time listening to my patients’ needs and finding the best care plan for them. That plan may include observation or medical, minimally invasive or surgical treatment options. I have expertise in the medical, catheter-based and open surgical treatment of most conditions involving the veins and arteries of the human body and have been in practice with Kaiser Permanente since 2000. I believe in open, 2-way communication so my patients fully understand and agree upon their personal care plan. I have the amazing luxury of full access to my patients’ medical records, medications, and X-rays at my fingertips. Partnering with the rest of the patient’s care team is as easy as sending a message through the computer -- it is instantaneous.

How I thrive

I volunteer with my family with a medical mission called IMA Helps that provides medical and surgical care to underprivileged patients in Central and South America.