About Me

I was born and raised on Maui, where I attended Kahului School and Maui High School. I obtained my bachelor’s degree and my doctor of optometry degree at Pacific University. Growing up in Kahului has enriched my understanding of the needs of the community and its members. I am fortunate to be surrounded by many family members on Maui. My family has instilled in me the need to work diligently and to give back to the community. My husband, who was also born here, and two daughters provide a lot of support on a daily basis.

About my practice

Growing up on Maui, I benefited from the community here. My goal in life has been to give back to my community by helping others, and I thought I could best do this by becoming a doctor of optometry. I chose to specialize in optometry because I realized the value of sight to individuals. I felt that if I was able to help people with their vision, it would be very fulfilling. The optometry field also allows me time to support raising a family. My philosophy is "patient first," which to me means to first understand the patient’s condition. I try to spend ample time listening to patient's concerns. With a sound foundation of the symptoms, I am able to facilitate treatment options. I pride myself in making the visit friendly and comforting to my patients. I appreciate the family-oriented nature of practice in the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group. Specifically, I am inspired by how everyone in the organization partners closely with other physicians to coordinate the care of our members. To keep up with the latest developments in my field, I attend continuing education conferences on the Mainland and frequently confer with my peers to share knowledge. My favorite conference is one hosted by my optometry school (Pacific University College of Optometry) in Victoria, British Columbia each year. I am a member of the Hawaii Optometric Association and the American Optometric Association.

How I thrive

For physical and mental health, I make every effort to get a good night's rest each night and to run regularly for exercise. I also enjoy spending time with family, whether it is watching my kids at soccer games and swimming meets or taking family vacations to the Mainland. Together, we enjoy spending time outdoors where we can appreciate Maui's natural beauty. I enjoy spending time with my family, whether it is watching my kids at soccer games and swimming meets or taking family vacations to the Mainland. (Our last trip was a first-time ski vacation to Whistler, British Columbia.) I also enjoy spending time outdoors where I can appreciate Maui’s natural beauty.