About Me

I am a primary care physician specializing in internal medicine. I grew up in Colorado Springs and my parents still live there today. I stayed in Colorado and did my undergraduate training at the University of Denver and went to medical school at the University of Colorado where I graduated in 2005. I then decided to change things up and moved to the Midwest for my residency at the University of Minnesota. I was privileged to stay there and do an extra year of training as a chief resident in the Department of Internal Medicine. I joined Kaiser Permanente in September 2009.

About my practice

As an internal medicine physician working in primary care, I strive to achieve the optimal preventive care for my patients. Preventive care involves trying to control disease processes before they become a problem. I also treat many other diseases that have to do with adults and when I need assistance, I am able to refer patients to and consult with our many specialty physicians. My professional philosophy is that my patients and I work together. I want them to understand their diseases and why we take the steps we do to treat them. I enjoy this type of medicine as I get to know my patients very well as we work together to maintain the best health possible.

How I thrive

I feel very fortunate to live in Colorado. I enjoy outdoor activities like running and hiking, in addition to spending time with my friends and family. I am an artist and enjoy painting as part of my free time. I also love to travel and enjoy seeing what other parts of the world have to offer and how we can learn from each other.