About Me

I was born and raised in Honolulu, and received my undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Hawaii. My father was a physical science public school teacher who kept up with the latest developments in science. He encouraged me to take a scientific approach to thinking, to learn by watching and doing, and to take on new projects and learn to use new tools. My mother and sisters were also public school teachers.

About my practice

I did my first two years of pathology residency at UC, San Diego, and was later based at Kaiser Permanente under the University of Hawaii pathology residency program for the last two years of my residency. I have been a staff member in the pathology department at the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group (HPMG) for over 30 years. I chose to practice pathology because of my interest in understanding diseases and disease processes, and the direct satisfaction of seeing the application of medical knowledge in patient outcomes. I also enjoy the core diagnostic nature of pathology, both in diagnosis and in the understanding of pathophysiology through the integration of a variety of anatomical findings, microscopy, and ancillary testing. At HPMG, I appreciate the integrated nature of our health care system that gives me access to medical records, diagnostic imaging findings, and a network of health care providers. This allows me to have a more complete understanding of cases at hand and the implications of diagnostic questions from colleagues. In my practice, I provide a detailed evaluation that includes an understanding of the small details of the case. I adjust the detail and complexity of diagnosis reporting and comments as needed to provide the best possible diagnostic framework to clinicians. I am a member of the American Society for Clinical Pathology, the College of American Pathology, and the Hawaii Society of Pathologists .

How I thrive

I actively try to keep up with current events, and like to research background information over the internet to better understand and formulate my viewpoint. I stay healthy through physical work that mostly involves gardening and domestic upkeep. For over three decades, I have been an active clarinet player and a member of the Honolulu Wind Ensemble, which has multiple public performances and concert programs.