About Me

I was born and raised in beautiful rural Montana. Although I grew up miles from the nearest ocean, I developed a love of ocean sports and activities, and this contributed to my decision to move to Hawaii. The Kona community is a wonderful place to live and practice.

About my practice

I have always been physically active and a lover of sports, so during medical school, it made sense to me to pursue occupational and sports medicine specialties. My own wealth of personal experiences with sports injuries helped me to understand how important the road to recovery can be for anyone who is injured. I enjoy helping people get back to their normal lives and level of activity after any injury or impairment. As a member of the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group, I appreciate the comprehensive support and collaboration my colleagues and I have with each other. I have easy access to many other specialists and am constantly supported by a capable medical staff. This coordination of care enables me to focus entirely on my patient. My philosophy of care is to be honest and respectful. I listen carefully to my patients and address their concerns as thoroughly as possible. I genuinely enjoy hearing their personal histories and stories, and welcome open and casual conversation.

How I thrive

To stay fit of mind and body, I enjoy yoga, swimming and kayaking. My Montana roots also sustain a fondness for horseback riding and camping, and I feel fortunate to have great access to both on the Big Island.