About Me

I was born in the "mitten" state of Michigan and raised in the great state of Texas (always a Dallas Cowboys fan!). I received my Bachelors Degree in Nursing at Texas Women's University. After working at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas and Su Clinical Familiar (Birthing Center) in the Rio Grande Valley, I moved to Washington DC to attend Georgetown University and receive my Masters Degree in Nursing with a specialty in Midwifery. As a participant in the International Exchange Program I did an internship in Monterrey, Mexico for several months. I have practiced as a Certified Nurse Midwife since moving to Oregon.

About my practice

Professional practice has had a public and private health focus. Initially, I moved to Oregon to work with the migrant farm worker community at Salud Medical Center in Woodburn. Later, I moved to Legacy Health System and am one of the founding midwives of the Legacy Midwifery Service. In private practice at Women's Care Associates and later Everywoman's Health, I developed a holistic, complementary approach to women's health. I received a Certificate in Phytotherapy (focusing on botanical/herbal medicine) and became a Certified First Line Therapy Provider / Lifestyle Medicine Provider (specializing in Nutraceutical and Holistic medicine). Being a clinic-based midwife and women's health care practitioner at Kaiser Permanente has helped me blend conventional and complementary medicine within a larger health care system. My practice encompasses caring for women throughout their lifetime. This span of years follows puberty, adolescence, pregnancy, transition years of premenstrual, perimenopause, menopause and geripause. I encourage women to optimize their health and well-being where ever they are on their spectrum of health.

How I thrive

Ways I Thrive are to nurture an urban farm and eat home grown food and herbs, stay active by hiking, backpacking, kayaking, cross country skiing, and be creative by playing the ukulele.