About Me

I grew up in Southern California and moved to the East Coast for college and medical school. After spending a decade in New York and Pennsylvania, I moved to Colorado for my residency and to finally be back in the West with easy access to the mountains and the outdoors. I decided to pursue a career in medicine after a brief career on Wall Street, as I wanted to do something to help others and my community. I really enjoy connecting with my team and with my patients. I consider it a privilege to be part of my patients’ lives in some of their most difficult times. I strive to provide care with compassion and the utmost attention to my patients in the hospital.

About my practice

I chose to practice internal medicine because it never ceased to engage my intellect, all the while giving me an opportunity to interact with my patients. I particularly enjoy acute care medicine and treating my patients when they need a high level of care in the hospital. I always try to be forthcoming and honest with my opinions when communicating with my patients. My team and I work together to provide a seamless experience for our patients as they transition from an inpatient setting to an outpatient setting. In my core, I am a very curious person, which leads me to seek to learn more about medicine and about my patient. I strive to use the latest and most robust evidence to help my patients get through their illnesses.

How I thrive

I get energized by spending time outdoors hiking, camping or cycling. I also love to cook and try out new recipes. Finally, I find it nurturing to spend time praying and meditating, and with my faith community.