About Me

Hello, my name is Dr. Sassani. I am an urologist in Kaiser Permanente’s Lancaster office. Those of us in urology specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of problems in the urinary tract including the kidneys, bladder, urethra, along with addressing issues of the male reproductive system. I take pride in treating each patient I serve with the same care and concern I would hope to receive if I were that patient.


I was born in Iran, but came to the United States when I was only 18. I attended UCLA as an undergraduate and received my medical training at UC San Diego. Kaiser Permanente has been an important part of my life since I graduated from medical school, having served both my internship and residency with the Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Los Angeles. I joined the Kaiser Permanente Medical Group in 2005. I like the organization because it allows me to be a doctor and only a doctor. I am able to focus on providing the best possible care to my patients.

About my practice

Successfully diagnosing and treating a patient’s discomfort and pain gives me great satisfaction. It is not only intellectually stimulating, but also lets me have a real impact on a patient’s quality of life. I always try to listen carefully to what my patients tell me about their current situation and past experiences. This coupled with an evaluation of their symptoms and lab results allows me to develop an effective treatment plan that will return them to good health as soon as possible.

How I thrive

I love spending time with my wife and two children. I go to the gym regularly, swim, and enjoy soccer. Reading about history is a personal passion, and when time permits, I like to explore the world and bring history to life. We’ve traveled throughout Europe, much of South America, and many parts of North America. My favorite country is Italy due to its rich culture and great historical significance.