About Me

I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and grew up in beautiful Manoa. After completing medical school and residency work on the U.S. Mainland, I began teaching with the UC San Francisco Fresno residency training program and later became program director for its internal medicine residency program. I spent several years in medical education in California before returning to Hawaii. I joined Kaiser Permanente in 1999.

About my practice

I enjoy the combination of science and interpersonal skills that are required to practice medicine. The unique mix of problem solving and long-term relationship-building is very appealing to me, and keeps my work both challenging and enjoyable. Education has been a recurring theme throughout my career and practice. I attribute my decision to specialize in internal medicine not only because of my affinity for working with others and the diagnostic challenges inherent in this field, but also because of the many wonderful opportunities I have to educate my patients on their care. My philosophy is to provide my patients with the information they need to take an active role in their health. I work closely with each patient to ensure they know the reasons behind my recommendations, and to ensure they feel comfortable and knowledgeable in the decisions they make. Working with my patients is enjoyable for me, regardless of whether it is during office visits or via email or phone, because it contributes to our partnership in achieving optimal health. The Hawaii Permanente Medical Group consists of intelligent, insightful and credible physicians whom I am honored to work with. We are provided with a very supportive environment that keeps up-to-date with new medical enhancements and enables us to provide high quality care to our wonderful patients.

How I thrive

To keep my mind and body healthy, I exercise regularly and stay active with hobbies that include wood-working and extensive reading. I also love to both train and show dogs and spend quality time with my family whenever possible.