About Me

Hello! I'm an anesthesiologist. Hopefully, you'll find some useful information here that will make your surgery (and anesthesia) less stressful.


I was born in Manila, the Philippines, and came over here when I was young. I still speak and understand the language. I had physicians in my family growing up and they were influential in my early exposure to this fascinating field. I went to med school here at UC Irvine and then did my training in Seattle. I came back to Los Angeles for more training in pediatric anesthesia at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. I love being in Southern California with its immensely diverse population. I consider myself fortunate to be in a practice setting that allows me to take care of such a diverse population.

About my practice

By the time you meet me, you may have seen many other physicians and providers who have written complete medical evaluations of you. I've read those already, so don't be alarmed if I instead ask about your last name, where it's from, or how I would greet you in your own language. The day of surgery is always stressful, so I like to take the opportunity to focus more on you as a person. Of course, we'll talk about all the technical things too-how we plan to anesthetize you, what to expect after, and address your pain control after surgery. I'll even review especially salient things about your medical history to verify that I have an accurate understanding. I believe that genuine interaction with my patients is foremost in establishing a therapeutic alliance. I have special training in pediatric anesthesia and special interest in obstetric anesthesia, but enjoy all other practices equally.

How I thrive

I stay healthy by paying attention to mind, body, and spirit. I enjoy swimming and hiking on my days off. One of my favorite things is to spend time in a used bookstore. I like reading about culture, languages, physics and the universe, and other things I didn't have much exposure to during my studies. I also enjoy music and pursue it via concerts, independent radio stations, and the media. My friends and family are my diesel fuel. Spending time with them recharges and balances my life.