About Me

Welcome to my Web page!


I grew up in Southern California. After attending medical school in the Midwest, I realized how much I loved Southern California and returned to it. I love the diversity, weather, and many other attractions of this area. My hobbies include running, fine dining, and going on short weekend trips with my family.

About my practice

I strive to practice the best medicine possible. I do this by practicing medicine based on current best research and evidence when research data are available and educating patients with currently available data. I want my patients to take responsibility for their health; thus, I make every attempt to educate them and involve them in my care of them.

How I thrive

One day, I found myself weighing 193 pounds, with a body mass index of 30. I was officially, medically obese. I started walking or jogging one mile a day on a treadmill. A year later, I ran my first marathon. I lost approximately 40 pounds and was able to shrink my waist from 39 to 32 inches. It is now approaching three years since I started running and I still continue to enjoy it. Running allows me quiet time for reflection. Especially after a stressful day, exercise just melts away the stress. Physical activity and the adrenaline that it produces help combat those stressors. When I run, I become very meditative and begin paying attention to my inner thoughts and bodily sensations. After a run, I am amazed by how great I feel and how aware I am of my own feelings and thoughts. When I see other people running on the street, I just want to put on my running shorts and join them!