About Me

I was born in Switzerland to European parents and eventually moved to Texas where I spent my formative years. I moved to Portland in 2008 because of my desire to live in the Northwest and because I believe in the Kaiser Permanente model of health care delivery. Hand surgery is my chosen specialty and I enjoy the variety of cases and the surgical challenges they present. I have a wife and two children and enjoy bicycling.

About my practice

I practice hand surgery and came to this through orthopedics. As a hand group, we see a large variety of cases ranging from elective problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger to complex traumatic cases that come through our biweekly fracture clinic. Hand surgery provides an intellectually invigorating and a surgically challenging career path. As a Kaiser Permanente surgeon, we treat all comers in the Northwest area and take care of all their upper extremity needs.

How I thrive

I thrive by keeping my work and family life in careful balance. Working at Kaiser Permanente affords me the opportunity to spend time with my loved ones and maintain my fitness by staying active -- especially bicycling.